Park of ‘La Plancha’ would be financed with the sale of part of the lands to private individuals

A representation of what a Gran Parque La Plancha would look like. (Image: Gran Parque La Plancha AC)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 22, 2021).- After the Maya Train station was canceled in the “ La Plancha ” park in Mérida , the residents wonder if the park they have requested will be built and the response from the state government is that the resources are not available.

Interviewed on this issue during a public event on Tuesday, September 21st, Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal assured that now that Mérida will not have a Maya train station in the area called “La Plancha”, he spoke with President Andrés Manuel López Obrador about not abandoning the park project on this site.

“I proposed to the president that 30% of the total surface of the plate becomes a real estate development, featuring office buildings, apartments, and shopping centers, and 70% remain as a large public park, to be built with the sale of the land , so as not to generate spending for the state or federal governments, ” the governor said.

“La Plancha” residents did not want the Mayan Train

The governor commented that installing the station on those lands would have allowed the revitalization of Paseo de Montejo and surrounding areas, however, due to the bad comments, many of them without foundation, and the reluctance of several neighbors, the federal government decided to move the station outside the city of Merida.

“With this decision, 12 million pesos were lost, which is what this work was going to cost, and which was going to generate several jobs in this vacant lot that has been abandoned for more than 45 years,” he explained.

Source: Sipse