Pandemic ‘made people more obese’ due to sedentary lifestyle

Alis García Gamboa, founder of the program, was the host of psychologists José Raúl Córdova Ojeda and Raúl Córdova Ricardez. Photo: (Sipse)

Psychologists invited to “Save a Life” explain a vicious circle due to contingency

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 07, 2021).- Good eating habits, that is, eating healthy and nutritious, as well as exercising or practicing sports can be the key to overcoming or becoming seriously ill from certain conditions such as coronavirus. 

Psychologists Raúl Córdova Ricardez and José Raúl Córdova Ojeda agreed on this when they opened yesterday’s broadcast of the radio program “ Salvemos una Vida ”, which is broadcast every Friday on the Amor 100.1 FM station, from Grupo Sipse. 

Alis García, the founder of the program, hosts the broadcast from 11:00 to 12:00 hours, where comprehensive health for the family is discussed, as well as strategies to overcome stress, anxiety and to be able to live in peace and with harmony. 

Bad choices

During one edition of this radio program, specialists commented that the Covid pandemic has worsened several illnesses that were already present in the population, such as obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes, to which was added depression by the confinement in homes. Continuous physical activity is absolutely necessary to avoid the harms of a sedentary lifestyle. 

“People began to make bad choices, as they began to watch more television, to spend more of the computer, more home office and without physical activity, which was reflected in weight; IN general, we have all suffered from the pandemic and its effects on motivation and being overweight ”, they indicated. 

José Raúl recalled that before the pandemic, many people who came to the consultation managed to lose weight by setting goals such as being able to “get into” a dress or suit for a special celebration; however, with this virus these events were canceled and people lost the motivation to reduce their size

By contextualizing the current situation, Dr. Córdova Ricardez stressed that a person who is overweight and obese due to a poor diet reduces the chances of overcoming a disease as strong as Covid, which is why he recommends physical to strengthen the body. 

Good habits make a difference

He indicated that with a high defense in a situation against the coronavirus, one has the “necessary armor” to fight the virus, because “the fact of sowing a seed of good habits is what makes the difference, not only in the physical situation but also in the emotional one ”. 

The doctor of psychology recognized that the continuing crises that people have experienced in recent months have left many fears, which in turn has produced a state of anxiety, which brings a series of complications and that have repercussions in the nutritional field. 

Small goals

Raúl Córdova Ricardez exhorted people who want to reduce their size, set small goals, of approximately two kilos, with diets that are constant to begin to see results, because that is the key to improving health, and share the project with the family and other loved ones. 

He added that a “meter” is needed for patients to be practical and realize the consumption they have of water and food every day, “step by step and without running”, with very simple methods and with goals that are constant. and viable, which is the basis for starting to notice the changes. 

Finally, the specialists pointed out that with the use of new technologies and the Internet, people can even involve children, through games, in good eating practices and exercise, through rhymes, dynamics, cycling and other activities that promote health and physical activity, so necessary in these times. 

Source: Sipse

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