Municipal Police rescue a spider monkey that entered a Kanasín grocery store

These specimens are in danger of extinction and it is rare to see them away from their herd. Photo: (Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 07, 2021).- This morning in a store in the Santa Cecilia Mulchechén neighborhood in Kanasín municipality, a spider monkey (Ateles geoffroyi) was captured by agents of the Municipal Police, who placed it under guard.

This is an unusual fact, since according to biologists, this species congregates in groups of between 6 and 40 members, breaking up into smaller groups at night in search of food, so it is rare to see such an animal in isolation and wandering in an urban area.

“This morning, we received a report that a monkey entered a store in the Santa Cecilia Mulchechén neighborhood, we went to the indicated place and proceeded to capture the ape, which we transferred to the headquarters for safekeeping and delivery to the corresponding department”, indicates the publication of the Municipal Police of Kanasín.

These animals are not pets

Specialists in the field point out that spider monkeys are not appropriate pets, due to the specialized care they need and they can become extremely aggressive when they reach sexual maturity or if they feel threatened.

Under no circumstances can a spider monkey be raised as a pet, since there is no permit for its possession, in addition to the fact that houses with residential land use do not have the space required for this type of animal.

Possessing wildlife specimens without proving their legal origin is sanctioned in accordance with the provisions of the LGVS with a fine, ranging from 50 to 50 thousand Units of Measurement and Current Updates.

Source: Sipse