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Mexican children COVID cases and hospitalizations skyrocket

by Yucatan Times
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The infected minors have gone from 194 thousand 876 to 232 thousand 428, since August

MEXICO, (September 08, 2021).- Just three weeks after the record numbers of COVID-19 infections were recorded in Mexico, outpatient infected children and minors – those that did not require hospitalization – soared in 37,552 cases, going from 194,876 to 232,428.

Also, the cases that had to be admitted for urgent hospital care rose by 1,373, growing from 8,491 to 9,864.

As experts warned, in the sense that children are direct victims of the virus and that they are also at high risk, according to the records of the Ministry of Health itself, only in this period of review of the figures –from August 15 to September 5–, the reported cases of children from zero to four years old in an outpatient situation grew from 15,024 to 18,497, that is, an increase of 3,473.

The cases of minors from five to nine years old rose from 23,842 to 29,333, a difference of 5,491 cases; Those from 10 to 14 years old went from 47,769 cases to 57,742, that is 9,973 more cases. And those aged 15 to 19 grew from 108,241 to 126,856, an increase of 18,615.

COVID-19 in minors Increase COVID-19 infections in minors. Photo: (Special)

In the cases of minors from zero to four years admitted for gravity in hospitals, they grew from 3,357 to 3,823, a difference of 466; among those aged five to nine, they rose from 1,133 to 1,298, an increase of 165 cases; Those aged 10 to 14 years went from 1,0402 to 1,641, a growth of 239 cases, and those aged 15 to 19 grew from 1,599 to 3,110, an increase of 1,503.

Against the affirmation of the Undersecretary of Health, Hugo López-Gatell, that “all these ideas that have circulated that it is now an epidemic of adolescents and children do not have a support of evidence, neither in Mexico nor anywhere in the world” Roselyn Lemus-Martin, Ph.D. in Molecular and Cellular Biology from the University of Oxford, criticized the federal official: “He is misinforming and his claims that children are not at risk are not based on science. I don’t know what makes you say that; children are at risk, they should be vaccinated, hopefully, they will change their mind.”

Source: El Financiero

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