Mérida urban area cannot continue to expand, it is not viable or profitable (Canadevi)

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Merida, Yucatan, (September 24, 2021).- Given the growth of the urban area in Mérida, it is necessary to bet on vertical buildings, available to all citizens, said Eduardo Ancona Cámara, president of the National Chamber of the Housing Development and Promotion Industry (Canadevi) Yucatán. 

“The urban area should not continue to grow at the rate it is doing, but we must move towards verticality to ensure that services can continue to arrive,” he added. As we have documented, in Mérida there is disorderly urban growth, with subdivisions that are actually cities without adequate equipment or services, which complicates the sustainable development of the city; there are also housing complexes that “hang” the Maya communities, affecting their customs and traditions. 

Also, the report The cost of urban expansion in Mexico carried out between the Coalition for Urban Transformation in Mexico and the World Resources Institute Mexico (WRI Mexico) revealed that the uncontrolled urban expansion of Mérida has generated various economic, social and environmental costs, as well as environmental problems and inequality: “The current model is not financially sustainable in the long term,” it concludes. 

However, Ancona Cámara indicated that this occurs more in the rest of the country, and in Mérida there have only been some “isolated” cases. Public transport, in his opinion, follows the urban area, where the population goes. 

That is to say, he explained, that if a new subdivision is opened, transportation arrives according to demand; if there are only three inhabited houses, there would not be because of the cost, he said. 

But as soon as demand increases, this and other services begin to arrive, according to him; although he recognized that public transport does not reach several areas in the north of Mérida, municipalities and communities. “But in Mérida it has been the least, all the development that has taken place in the four points has municipal services,” he stressed.

Also, according to the business leader, the main challenge is to densify the Yucatecan capital: the warning call is that “let’s go up.” 

In this way, he said, it is guaranteed that public services, security, police, urban transport, garbage collection, maintenance continue to arrive.

“We cannot continue to expand, because it is no longer viable or profitable to serve the city.” “The solution is to densify, go up, complying with regulations and standards and laws,” insisted the businessman. At the same time, he added, offer green and recreational spaces

Source: La jornada maya

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