Manatee week kicks off in Quintana Roo to promote the preservation of this species

Photo: (Sipse)

Quintana Roo, (September 02, 2021).- Yesterday, Wednesday, September 1st, the Seventh State Manatee Week began, in which various recreational and cultural activities were scheduled to promote the culture of preservation of this species characteristic of the region.

Among the scheduled activities are the call to name the baby manatee, rescued last month in Laguna Milagros.

On 7 September Quintana Roo commemorates International Day for the Preservation of the Manatee, species that is characteristic of some areas such as the south of Quintana Roo , and the capital of the state the Bay of Chetumal is precisely the Sanctuary of this aquatic mammal .

As part of the celebrations of this important date, the ecological and environmental authorities of the three orders of government have organized different movements that began yesterday and culminate next Tuesday 7.

Since yesterday, the call was open for all the public who want to participate in the contest to name the baby manatee just a couple of months old, which is sheltered in the Center for Attention and Rehabilitation of Aquatic Mammals (Carma), in Laguna Guerrero, a town near the city of Chetumal and which has been under intense expert care since its rescue in Laguna Milagros, in the community of Huay-Pix, a place where it is not common to observe these animals.

The First Informative Capsule will be broadcast, which will be entitled “Report of the rescue of manatee breeding, in addition, a video contest called ” Send us your report., will be carried out”

Throughout the week, various activities will be held, all focused on learning more about these animals and their care and conservation, in order to increase the culture of caring for natural areas among the population.

The Attorney for Environmental Protection reported that the manatee will remain in shelter. Photo: (Sipse)

Last August, in an unprecedented event, it was possible to rescue a baby manatee barely a month old, in an area where an animal of this species had never been observed before, and which became the second animal rescued in the south of Quintana Roo, after the case of Daniel, the Manatí who was rescued in 2003.

Source: Sipse

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