Man found dead in Sierra Papacal would be a radio station executive

Photo: (Sipse)

Attempted robbery would have cost him his life, according to early versions

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 16, 2021).- On the afternoon of this Tuesday, September 14th, a corpse was found in the rural area of Sierra Papacal, community of Mérida, and after the first inquiries this Wednesday 15th it would have been confirmed that it is Joaquín PM, executive of an important national radio and news network.

The authorities have not provided information in this regard, and all the information that is handled is based on the few data that have been obtained unofficially.

First facts about the crime

As it turned out, this man lived north of Mérida, but his family lived in Mexico City. 

Since the beginning of this month, his family stopped having news about him, so they alerted the local authorities, keeping total discretion in this regard.

On the afternoon of Tuesday, Sept. 14th, residents of the Sierra Papacal, Mérida community, reported to the authorities the discovery of a body in the surrounding mountains, for which an operation was mounted in that area, recovering the body and conducting investigations at the site.

It would be the body of Joaquín P.M., 77 years old, but that has not been officially confirmed.

Possible mobile

The first data obtained refer that it could all have been a robbery, apparently the truck of the deceased was stolen, and there would have been violence that led to his death. 

Apparently, there is already an identified suspect and the authorities are on his trail.

Source: Sipse