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Male prostitution exposed in Mérida

by Yucatan Times
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Male prostitutes are available on social networks.

On a not very busy street in the Sambulá neighborhood, in the south of Mérida, a modest house does not reflect the activity of its occupants.

Not even the next-door neighbors know for sure why cars suddenly arrive and are parked on 94th Street for a maximum of one hour. Some imagine it, but the movements in the place are so discreet that they go unnoticed by most.

A “massage parlor” operates there, which is actually a male prostitution center. It is a business that extends its ramifications to practically all the cardinal points of Merida, with a discretion that is already beginning to break down due to the impact of social networks. They can be found in the north as well as in the west or in the center of the city.

In recent years, the internet has become a platform for “agencies” and brothels targeting a growing sector. Some are literally recruiting centers for young people to whom they offer to earn a lot of money quickly.

Although it does not reach the dimensions of female prostitution, the supply of men for sexual purposes has increased in recent years in Yucatan, largely due to the proximity to the tourist centers of Quintana Roo, which are “exporters” of people who commonly earn an income from this activity.

According to sources linked to this lucrative business, Yucatan has also become an attractive center for those seeking easy money from the sex trade. Even young people from other states arrive for this purpose, in some cases previously contacted by “agencies” that promote them as part of their portfolio.

“The police know about these places, but nothing is done because there is a chain of interests beyond the economic ones,” stated an anonymous informer.

“Do you know that in the area of the markets (San Benito and Lucas de Gálvez) it is easy to get marijuana, ‘cristal’, and other drugs? Do you think the police are not aware of it?” he asks. “We are talking about what is relatively cheap, what ‘la raza‘ can acquire because cocaine and other drugs are for another kind of people, who have more money,” he continued.

In the past, this type of prostitution was pure street supply. It was modified with the opening of bars for a specific public seeking these types of “services”, and now, with the Covid-19 pandemic, it moved the central part of its promotion to social networks.

A few years ago, Mérida had simultaneously eight nightclubs and midday centers aimed at the lesbian-gay community. There was only one with dancers exclusively for women, on the Anillo Periferico.

“There they mainly made contacts, the rest came later,” notes one of the sources. “In reality, there was no drug dealing in those places. What was circulating was from the consumers themselves, but most of the attendees knew where to get it.”

The nightclubs were closed because of the pandemic a year and a half ago. One of the few such bars that are operating now, due to its evening hours, is located next to the Plaza de Toros Mérida.

Source: yucatan.com.mx

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TYT Newsroom

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