In Yucatan, Organ Donation is promoted in a different way

Photo: (Yucatan al momento)

Mérida, Yucatán, (September 29, 2021).- Within the framework of the National Day of Donation and Transplantation of Organs and Tissues, the Ministry of Health (SSY) encouraged the reactivation of programs in the field, especially that of the General Hospital “Doctor Agustín O’Horán”, which ranked second place in the country with the highest number of donations due to irreversible cardiac attack, in the first half of 2021.

The director of the State Transplant Center (Ceetry), Jorge Martínez Ulloa Torres, reported that actions are being promoted for the benefit of the Yucatecans.

“To date, 128 donations have been made from deceased people, representing 252 corneas, 16 kidneys, six livers and a case of musculoskeletal tissue (bones and tendons), as well as 80 living kidneys”, Ulloa Torres said.

Yucatán ranked second nationally in operations carried out with deceased persons, during the first quarter of this year, with 144 corneal transplants, 80 kidneys, one liver, and eight of the aforementioned tissue, he reported.

He also explained that, with the aim of raising awareness and reflecting on the value of the donation, this Sunday, his staff and volunteers promoted these actions on the Bici Ruta, where kidney, heart, cornea, and liver mascots coexisted with families.

Photo: (Yucatan al momento)

Francia Estrella Manzanero, an activist from the agency, was handing out information leaflets, donor cards, and commemorative face masks, and commented that it is “significant to promote the great act of love that is the donation; several people signed up, symbolically, to the list of voluntary donors ”.

For her part, Mrs. María Isabel, who took her children for a bike ride, commented that it is very positive that the State Government carries out these activities so that more people learn the importance of helping, in this way, those who most need it.

Gabriela Navarrete Machaín, Ceetry social worker, expressed that it is really gratifying to make an intense effort, throughout the year, to bring this culture closer to citizens and in various communities, thanks to which people have responded, requesting more information.

Photo: (Yucatan al momento)

Finally, Dr. Ulloa Torres stressed that organ transplantation is one of the greatest advances in modern medicine, being the definitive treatment for many patients with terminal insufficiency, and in the context of the current pandemic, developing it has been extraordinarily complex.

In this sense, he concluded that, contrary to certain perceptions, the programs in the field not only serve a limited group of people but also solve real public health problems, such as end-stage renal failure, making them priority strategies for Yucatán.

Photo: Yucatan al momento