Green Points Program, decisive step towards a more sustainable Mérida

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Mérida, Yucatán, (September 06, 2021).- The collaborative and united work between the citizens and the municipal government has yielded good results in the municipality and that is why we will continue in this way the task of preserving and caring for the sustainable development of our city, said Mayor Renán Barrera Concha.

He emphasized that the Green Points Program has become an essential component of the Zero Waste Strategy of the Mérida City Council, through which, with the support and commitment of environmental cooperation from the people of Merida and the entire population, better waste management system in the municipality.

“Currently, the culture of recycling is essential for developing cities because it allows us to learn and promote the habit of separation, recycling and the correct disposal of special handling and household hazardous waste, as well as promoting the circular economy in the city ​​of Mérida ”, he emphasized.

The Municipal President informed that currently in Mérida there are about 200 Green Points, both mobile and static, and eight Mega Green Points located in various strategic areas of the city, where from September 2018 to date 390 tons of waste have been collected and a total of more than 30 thousand users were served.

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Barrera Concha added that the Green Points and Mega Points program aims to raise awareness among the entire population, including children and adolescents, to promote the correct recycling and disposal of materials such as paper, cardboard, tetrapack, aluminum cans, PET containers. , jars, glass bottles, and bags, but also electrical and electronic equipment and special handling and household hazardous waste.

The mayor also indicated that in the green points there are containers of 2.65 meters wide by 6 meters long where 11 types of waste can be taken that can be separated from the home such as pet, cardboard, glass, aluminum, and burned oil.

He recalled that the future depends on what is done in the present, so together with society, his government will continue to chart the path towards a more sustainable Merida, where actions to care for the environment bring immediate benefits, in the short and long terms.

He added that the goal of the current municipal administration is to go through more green points which will be distributed throughout the city so waste has the proper treatment and pollution is avoided, the above, he said, in addition to caring for the environment and contribute to building a greener Mérida.

The schedule to deliver the waste in the containers is from Wednesday to Sunday from 10 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. To locate the nearest Green Point or Mega Point, citizens can consult the website: