Governor supervises construction works of the C5I Yucatan Control Center

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (September 06, 2021).- Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal supervised the construction works of the Control, Command, Communications, Computing, Coordination, and Intelligence Center (C5i), a work that presents important progress, so that soon it will be ready to strengthen the security of the state with the best technology and preserve the tranquility of the Yucatecan families.

Together with the Secretary of Public Security (SSP), Luis Felipe Saidén Ojeda and the director of the Institute for the Construction and Conservation of Public Works of the state (Inccopy), Virgilio Crespo Méndez, the Governor toured the different areas of this Center that are built annex to the police corporation building, as part of the Yucatán Seguro strategy, which is generating 300 direct and indirect jobs.

In this context, the director of Inccopy indicated that the construction of the C5i building is progressing very well and added that it will consist of two levels so that the ground floor will be made up of: lobbies, visitor area, call centers emergency as well as monitoring with screens with a videowall in front, anonymous reporting area, intelligence area, audiovisual room, office for the head of the Monitoring and Intelligence Unit (Umipol), machinery room, dining room, service areas, warehouses and toilet modules for men and women.

Photo: (Yucatan Ahora)

In addition, the upper floor will have lobby areas, a crisis room for 82 people, as well as a space for meetings, an audio and video room, warehouses, a videowall maintenance area, an emotional control room, separate bedrooms for women and men, toilet modules, locker area, showers, and an emergency exit, detailed Crespo Méndez.

During the tour of Vila Dosal, it was indicated that the emergency call center will have the capacity to house up to 68 elements of the corporation, the monitoring center with screens will work with the work of 101 people, in the anonymous reporting area they will be 7 people, in the intelligence area there will be 43 people, the audiovisual room will have a capacity for 32 people and the dining room will be able to receive up to 80 people.

Photo: (Yucatan Ahora)

In this sense, the director of Inccopy stressed that this work will have new facilities and better technology for the correct operation of all surveillance and monitoring systems for the security of Mérida and the interior of the state, with the aim of providing greater security, as well as the reduction of crime rates, mainly in conflictive areas.

Similarly, with the use of state-of-the-art technology, better coordination a prompt response of the state police will be achieved, in addition, through its logistics and collaboration services, it will be possible to give effective attention to public security incidents throughout the territory, becoming the direct link with the public security institutions that intervene in the state, the state official pointed out.

By expanding the facilities, Crespo Méndez pointed out, it will be possible to have a greater capacity of personnel to attend to the different security areas such as attention to telephone calls, surveillance through the installed cameras, and constant monitoring; providing the elements that work there better and more comfortable facilities, such as dining room, bathroom modules and bedroom areas, highlighted the state official.

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

It should be noted that the SSP complex has state command and monitoring offices, whose task is to monitor the safety of streets, roads, and some highways in Yucatán, but given the growth of the city of Mérida and the state, Currently, the facilities of the Police Monitoring and Intelligence Unit (UMIPOL) need to expand their capacity, so through an investment of more than 110 million pesos, the new C5i facilities are built for the benefit of more than 2.2 million people who live in the state.

In addition to these works and as part of the Yucatán Seguro state program, the installation of smart traffic lights, poles with panic buttons, as well as 3,527 new video surveillance cameras and more than 100 highway arches will be incorporated into the monitoring system.