Forged signatures cause delay of business in Cacalchán

Phot Via: ReporterosHoy

Cacalchén, Yucatán.- During a meeting held in a well-known business in this municipality, Ejidatario José Vargas Moguel denounced that agrarian visitor Diana Uscanga together with commissioner Rufino López Pech carry out proceedings to favor the sale of ejido property to the Tren Maya project without the consent of 1015 peasants.

On September 12, the first assembly was held in which signatures were forged in order to issue the second convocation in which the price per hectare was supposedly discussed.

Fonatur’s representatives have not provided any information on the amount of land that will be affected, much less the money that will be used to compensate the Ejidatarios.

Vargas Moguel also presented documentation related to the claim of the president of the Comisariado Ejidal, Rufino López Pech, against the companies Bari Internacional and the construction company Azvindi for damages to the walls of plots 160 and 147 and the use of roads for the transportation of white material in the amount of 234,000 pesos.

According to the plaintiff, the Ejidal authority has not been informed of the amount of money received by the ejido members nor how it will be distributed.