First case of Covid-19 registered after 8 months in Quintana Roo, Yucatan municipality

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YUCATAN, (September 09, 2021) .- After eight months of absence, the Covid-19 returned to Quintana Roo, a municipality where only eight infections have been registered and together with Tahdziú, the deaths caused by the pandemic still do not appear, reported the Yucatan Health Secretariat (SSY).

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Also, this Wednesday the 8th, Mérida exceeded the limit of 40 thousand registered infections in the course of 1 year and a half.

In mid-December 2020, a resident of the municipality of Quintana Roo contracted Covid-19, who recovered without any complications, until today a new case was registered.

According to the state panorama, only in Mérida, there are 40 thousand 62 accumulated confirmed cases, 61.9 percent.

The second municipality that concentrates the highest number of infected is Valladolid, with 3,654 cases, 5.65 percent, followed by Kanasín, with 2,527 infected, 3.91 percent.

Likewise, Tizimín is the fourth municipality with the highest incidence, with 1,785 positives, 2.76 percent, and Progreso, with 1,729 people affected, 2.67 percent.

In sixth place is Umán, with 1,675 infections, 2.59 percent; Ticul, with 1,561 cases, 2.41 percent; Hunucmá, with 851 infected, 1.31 percent; Tekax, with 839 positives, 1.3 percent, and Motul, with 779, 1.2 percent.

The highest incidence of Covid-19 contagion is concentrated in these 10 municipalities, with 85.76 percent of all cases, and the rest is distributed in 96 municipalities.

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