Expectations set high for new transport model for Merida’s Periferico

The new buses are equipped to carry bicycles. Photo: (SIPSE)

The date for the start of the transportation network is on hold

Although there is still no information as to when this will be, it was anticipated that the new passenger transportation system on the Periférico “will be a model very much in the style of the countries of Europe” and they expect this to happen soon, according to Eduardo Córdoba Balbuena, regional manager of ADO in Mérida.

“What we know is that it is a very interesting project because it is not simply a transportation project,” added the manager of that company, who was invited to participate in this transportation system that will cover the Periferico.

As has been reported, when announcing this project the State Government said it would start operating this summer, which precisely ends next Wednesday, September 22nd. So far, the state administration itself has said that it is not yet known when it will be ready to start operating.

Cordoba Balbuena stated that he has no idea when this project could start operating, as no specific date has been issued.

“What we know is that it is still in development, soon Yucatecan society will be able to enjoy it and will be able to see this new level of service, a model very much in the style of European countries,” he stated without giving any further details.