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Electoral Institute President stated that polarization and lies are harmful

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MEXICO, (September 02, 2021) .- Lorenzo Córdova, president of the National Electoral Institute, argued that lies, political polarization, and intolerance are a risk to guarantee democratic continuity and is one of the great challenges to face in the 2024 election.

By participating in the digital forum “The challenges of democracy in Mexico”, organized by the Decide MX Platform, he stressed that the disaffection of citizenship to politics and misinformation combined with intolerance make elections much more complex.

“The problem is that today we are seeing a polarization that is being seasoned with a very dangerous antidemocratic ingredient, which by definition denies democracy, which is intolerance.

Lorenzo Córdova

“When polarization no longer implies only confronting two different positions, but is spiced up with these components of intolerance, confrontation, and antagonism, is assumed as a contrast between friends and enemies, we are on the threshold of a degeneration of democracies to autocratic regimes.”

Lorenzo Córdova

He stressed that the lies that are seen daily on social networks, as well as political polarization, have been “spiced” by intolerance where each and every citizen must work for democracy to prevail.

Therefore, Cordova made it clear that “democracy does not fall from heaven, it is nonsense to think that it is a gift from someone. Democracy, always, throughout the world and Mexico has not been the exception, has been the result of the exercise of rights and freedoms of the people to elect the political powers. When a society does not value that and is stunned, unscathed, in the face of the loss of those rights, the restrictions of those freedoms, it is a society that is committing a democratic suicide ”, Lorenzo Cordova concluded.

Source: Milenio

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