Decriminalization of abortion will be discussed in 4 municipalities

Merida, Yucatan.- The parliamentary fraction of Morena in the Congress of Yucatan will hold citizen forums in various regions to socialize an initiative that seeks to decriminalize abortion in the state.

Alejandra Novelo Segura, parliamentary coordinator of the Morenistas, informed that several meetings will be held in municipalities, in which citizens, activists and the general public are expected to participate.

“The main forums for this initiative are going to be four. One in Mérida, one in Valladolid, one in Tekax and one in Hunucmá. There are going to be these four because we do not want it to be concentrated here, we also want to listen to women from the east, south and west of the state,” she explained.

The meetings will be held in October, so that the citizens themselves can contribute their impressions on the scope of this proposal, and an electronic portal will be made available to the people so that they can give their opinions and, above all, learn about the Morenista proposal.

It is expected that women’s rights activists, legislators and officials will participate in the forums and consultations.

“We see a good mood around this initiative because we already know that Yucatán has the taint of being a conservative state. With this, there is interest in promoting the initiative,” he said.

It was recalled that the Supreme Court of Justice itself has issued a ruling for abortion to be decriminalized in all states, a process that will have to be complied with in the state.