Covid-19 has killed 106 state officials in Yucatan

Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

Yucatan, (September 03, 2021) .- Yucatan is among the 10 states with the highest number of personnel from state public administration institutions who have lost their lives as a result of Covid-19, revealed the National Census of State Governments (CNGE ) 2021 of the National Institute of Geography and Statistics (Inegi).

After the onset of the pandemic in the country, 4,203 public servants of the 32 states have already died.

The State of Mexico is the state with the highest number of personnel who died from this cause, with 2, 001 deaths, 47.6 percent, followed by Tabasco, with 365 deaths, 8.7 percent, and Hidalgo, with 183 deaths, the 4.3 percentage.

While Yucatán is in tenth place, with 106 deaths, 2.5 percent, a similar figure for Guanajuato.

Of the total deaths registered in the State, 82 are men, 77.3 percent, and 24 are women, 22.6 percent.

Meanwhile, Quintana Roo is in the eleventh step, with 100 deaths, 2.4 percent, and in Campeche there are 30 deaths, 0.71 percent.

The stats were produced by the Government Statistics association, according to information from Inegi.