Cancun Technological Institute students return to face-to-face classes

(Photo: Paola Chiomante)

The Cancun Technological Institute makes the necessary changes in the classrooms to guarantee the sanitary protocols.

Cancun, Quinatana Roo, (September 22, 2021).- The students of the Technological Institute of Cancun (ITC) will return to face-to-face classes in October, after more than a year and a half of online classes.

The return to face-to-face classes will only be in laboratories and workshops that will be taught in a staggered manner to avoid having a large number of students in the same space, which is why the contents of the subjects are being modified.

In addition, the necessary adjustments are made in the classrooms to follow the care protocols established by both health and educational authorities.

“We are ready at the institution to receive them with open arms, obviously in the framework of our 35th anniversary”, said Xóchitl Carmona Bareño, director of the campus, who added that this year the enrollment is approximately 3,400 students, of which 885 are new entrants.

She mentioned that like other academic units, one of the main tasks after returning will be to develop a diagnosis of the learning of the students, but also of the teachers.

“We are working in the area of ​​academic development to do a study in which we see what the impacts were on achievement and performance. We believe that we have continued and remained in this task, we have not stopped giving our classes and giving our best ”.

She indicated that although the pandemic has brought several obstacles, it also allowed the development of several tools, such as the digital platform through which distance classes were taught, which could be used in the future to offer distance degrees.

“We are now in a position to go virtual, that is to say that our eight careers that we have here, to be able to offer them virtually, obviously we will have to do the analysis of which ones do, that do not have a laboratory, such as accountants, administration, in end”.

Source: Sipse