Cablebus Line 2 failure in Iztapalapa and left several users ‘suspended in the air’

Photo: (Cuartoscuro)

MEXICO CITY, (September 21, 2021).- Users of Cablebus Line 2 were left “hanging” for approximately one hour, due to a failure in the service of the recently inaugurated Cablebús, which runs from Constitución de 1917 to Santa Martha, in the Iztapalapa district of Mexico City.

Videos circulate on social networks where users expressed their anger and even fear on the failure during the tour.

Given these events, the Cablebús reported that at 19:06 on Sunday the transportation system was interrupted for a period of 50 minutes.

(Photo: Government of Mexico City)

“Personnel in charge of the operation activated the backup systems to proceed with the corresponding protocol so that users can get off the booths at the nearest station,” the Cablebús reported.

Through an information card, he explained that the company that manages the line carried out the necessary inspections “to determine the reason for the failure.”

Later, they reported that the service was restored and that it was operating normally and added that the system works with strict protocol to guarantee the integrity and safety of all passengers.

Source: Sipse

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