Brawl erupts in Progreso’s boardwalk at reopening day

Photo Archive, Via Sipse

Scrimmage at the reopening of the beach area

The very same day the authorities allowed the reopening of the boardwalk and beaches of Progreso, after more than a month of restrictions to minimize the spread of Covid during the vacation season, last Saturday afternoon a brawl broke out between drunk people who were in the area.

The incident involved two women and a man, who began to argue (the motive is unknown) until they went from words to blows and from there to throwing stones and rocks at each other, resulting in slight injuries to many of them.

The incident was recorded from the cell phone of a person who witnessed the incident and uploaded the video to social networks.

The footage records the arrival of the Progreso Municipal Police, along with paramedics, put an end to the altercation and provide help to those injured.

The police officers had to wait for the arrival of a unit with female personnel as by protocol, male officers are not allowed to subdue women and it is the female group that is in charge of this task.

Emilio Caamal, director of the police, confirmed that as there were no serious injuries, damages or complaints from the parties involved, once the bruises and scratches had been treated, those involved were allowed to leave.

The events prompted the port police to further reinforce their vigilance in the area.

In a separate event, on Saturday, September 11 agents of the Progreso Police found a wallet lying on the boardwalk and immediately went to locate the person who lost it, who was found very close to the place, distressed and worried about the loss of the wallet.