Before committing suicide, man says goodbye to his sister on WhatsApp

(Photo: Sipse)

A man decided to kill himself and hanged himself at his home in the San Cayetano neighborhood, in the west side of Mérida.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (September 16, 2021).- Suicides continue unstoppable in Yucatán, and on Monday, September 13th, a man hanged himself at his home in the San Cayetano neighborhood, west side of Mérida. With this case, there are already 172 suicides in the state so far in 2021.

The fatal event occurred on Monday night when a woman received a WhatsApp message from her brother Miguel Ángel “N”, 29 years old, in which he told her that he was tired of the problems he had.

Concerned, the woman went to her brother’s house, located on Calle 65-A between 94 and 96 in San Cayetano.

She indicated that when she arrived, everything was dark and the man was not answering the phone, so she entered the corridor and through a window discovered that Miguel Angel had hanged himself with a rope that he tied to a hammock.

The Prosecutor’s Office is already investigating the case because neither the sister nor the people who knew Miguel Ángel explained what was the reason for the fatal decision made by the young man.

Suicide prevention lines in Yucatán

In Yucatan there are several lines of suicide prevention, which can be useful when the moment requires it. These are:

Let’s save a life:  924-59-91, 945-37-77 and 075.
Facebook:  Let’s save a Life Radio.

Suicide Attention Program (PIAS):  9993 10-36-62.

Free mental health support line of the Yucatan Health Secretariat:  800-000-0779.

Life Line:  800-911-2000.
Facebook:  Line of Life.
Twitter and Instagram:  @LineaDe_LaVida.

Mérida City Council emotional support lines:  9994-54-10-81.

Women’s line:  800-455-76-72, 999-923-09-73

Source: Sipse