Authorities assure that they have not granted permits to a rock concert in Mérida

Authorities clarify that, due to the pandemic, concerts are not allowed at the moment. Photo: (La Jornada Maya)

One month after the date on which the Guns n Roses band is scheduled to perform at the Xmatkuil fairgrounds, the Mérida authorities have not granted any permission for said concert.

Mérida, Yucatán, (September 10, 2021).- Several months have passed in which sources close to the organization of the band’s concert, which had already canceled a presentation scheduled for March 2020 due to restrictions imposed due to the pandemic, say that talks have been held with the municipal authorities and various procedures have been completed, but the only certainty is that there is still no permit granted, which calls into question the holding of the event due to its magnitude and because the conditions of the pandemic do not contribute to a more favorable outlook.

Reports received by the Merida authorities are limited to stating that permits have not been granted, but they do not confirm or deny the negotiations, their tone, or any progress; however, on more than one occasion the organizers have explained that holding a concert of this magnitude requires a lot of planning, time, and resources. — Emanuel Rincón Becerra

The city council was asked if there is a time limit to grant permission to the concert organizers, but there was no response.

One of the conditions for the permit to be granted is that the epidemiological traffic light is located in the appropriate color.

The organizing sources have remained silent when the media has requested information in this regard. Apparently, the sale of tickets for the concert is open on the website designated for this purpose even without the permissions granted by the authority.

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