An illegal cantina is busted in Tizimin and eight people are arrested

Photo Via: Diario de Yucatan

Police seize beers in a house in Tizimín.

TIZIMÍN – Municipal police arrested eight people on Saturday, September 11th, who were drinking in a clandestine cantina.

Neighbors reported that in a property on 39th Street between 58-A and 60 of this city there were people drinking alcoholic beverages and several of them were urinating out on the street.

A convoy of police patrol cars went to the site and the agents realized that it was a clandestine beer sales point.

Seven people who were at the site were arrested, as well as the owner of the premises, who tried to bribe the agents by offering them 700 pesos (35 USD).

Several containers of beer were also seized and taken to the police station.

In another event, in order to maintain security in the municipality, agents of the Municipal Police, supported by SSP agents, set up checkpoints on the Corral-San Andrés stretch, police stations bordering the state of Quintana Roo.

The officers searched vehicles and people, in order to find illicit substances or weapons that could harm the integrity of other people.

The Police informed that during the whole operation 120 people were searched in different types of vehicles.

The checks were concluded without relevance.

The police corporation informed that the preventive operations will continue in order to maintain the tranquility of the municipality.

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