After annual report, opposition criticizes AMLO’s management; it has been “a failure,” they say

Photo: (Yucatàn al minuto)

MEXICO, (September 02, 2021) .- The opposition parties described the administration of Andrés Manuel López Obrador as “failed, erroneous and disastrous”, after the Third Annual Government Report of the president.

Marko Cortés, leader of the PAN political party, considered López Obrador’s three years of administration as “lost in lies, broken promises, failures, and saying one thing and doing another.”

In these three years, “the economy, security, and corruption went from bad to worse. There is not a single subject in which the federal government can show achievements or progress. It is a failed government, which does not listen and does not want to be helped, ” he pointed out after participating in the protest of Alfonso Martínez Alcázar as municipal president of Morelia, Michoacán.

Alejandro Moreno, president of the PRI, stated that the first three years of the current federal administration, “have been the worst in the last 50 years for the country, because it has not been able to provide results for families and, furthermore, it lacks a proposal for it ”.

Using the same script as his colleagues in the Va por México alliance, he said that López Obrador’s is a “failed administration.” “What we want is t see him get to work.”

Jesús Zambrano, leader of the PRD, pointed out that this is a “terrible government and it has nothing to brag about.” “It has not solved one single problem in the last three years. Neither the economy nor the insecurity and there is no fight against corruption. Eight out of 10 contracts have been awarded to friends and family of the president and/or his party members when they should be tendered ”.

According to the PRD, the federal government made an agreement with the cartels so that they are supposedly at peace. That de facto alliance was crowned on June 7, when the president acknowledged that “they have behaved well” by allowing the elections to be held, he added after Martínez Alcázar took the protest.

Clemente Castañeda, leader of the Movimiento Ciudadano political party, estimated in his social networks that the president forgot to inform that he also has a historical record of militarization, femicides, nepotism, and opaque contracts, not to mention that poverty and impunity have increased significantly during the current administration.

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