A newborn is abandoned in Mérida´s Emiliano Zapata Sur neighborhood

Photo: (SIPSE)

Mérida, Yucatán, (September 08, 2021).- Next to a post on the sidewalk on Calle 175-A in the Emiliano Zapata Sur neighborhood, a baby no more than a week old was found, who was wearing only a diaper and was rescued by SSP paramedics to be taken to a hospital.

The authorities are already investigating in that area of ​​Mérida to try to find the baby’s parents, but so far there are no data to locate them.

Photo: (SIPSE)

It was a resident of that area who was passing by 175-A street near 86 avenue who heard the baby crying and saw her next to a post on the sidewalk. He immediately notified the Police through the 911 emergency number, and police officers, as well as paramedics, arrived on the scene minutes later.

Photo: (SIPSE)

They cared for the little girl, it was observed that she was in stable health, and she was immediately taken to O’Horán Hospital. The area remains secure and investigations began to try to find the parents, also interviewing the residents of the area.

Source: Sipse

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