Yucatecans reported failures in telephone and internet services due to Grace

The rebound in intermittencies began around 7:30 am this Friday. Photo: (Sipse)

MEXICO CITY, (August 20, 2021).- Users in social networks reported failures in the Telcel and Telmex network services, which prevented them from using their data to navigate, make calls and connect to the Internet.

According to DownDetector, the rebound in intermittencies began around 7:30 am on Friday, August 20th.

Regarding Telcel, 71 percent of the reports indicated failures in mobile telephony, 25 percent in mobile internet and 4 percent in fixed internet.

As for Telmex, 60 percent indicated failures with its line, 36 percent with its Wi-Fi and 3 percent on the company’s website.

Users indicated that intermittences prevail in Jalisco and Mexico City mainly, but they also report failures from other Mexican states.

“Good morning. To report that in the town of Cansahcab, Yucatán, there is no Telcel service since Tuesday, it has been reported and they do not provide a solution,” said a user.

“@Telcel everything #Guadalajara stopped being #TerritorioTelcel or their networks are down … #CaidaDeTelcel #Telcel”. expressed another.

“Day 9 without the #internet of @telmex. When a company that provides such a basic service and fails to serve its users is a symptom of its decline,” added one more.

Through the accounts @ServicioTelcel and @TELMEXSoluciona, the companies instructed users who report network failures to contact them by direct message.

Source: Sipse