Yucatecan women in situations of violence receive financial support from the State Government

Photo: (Yucatan al instante)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 14, 2021) .- Through the “Women with Safe Housing” program, promoted by the State Government, 17 Yucatecans in situations of extreme violence receive an economic resource to pay the rent of housing, in order that they can access a life free of violence and at the same time promote their economic autonomy and empowerment.

The head of the Secretariat for Women (Semujeres), María Cristina Castillo Espinosa, gave women who accessed the state scheme the checks corresponding to the payment of two of the three months of the economic resource so that they can finance home rental and guarantee a life free of violence for them and their daughters and sons.

This year, through “Women with Safe Housing”, a total of 67 Yucatecans who decided to get out of the circle of violence will be supported, twice as many women from last year. For this purpose, 500 thousand pesos are being allocated, which represents almost double what was exercised in 2020, which was 267 thousand 500 pesos.

The program consists of granting a maximum amount of 2,500 pesos per month for a period of three months for the rent of a property to those women who are in a situation of extreme violence or that they are leaving a shelter or are in the process of exiting that situation.

Accompanied by the head of the Ministry of Social Development (Sedesol), Roger Torres Peniche, the Secretary for Women told the women that they are not alone, but that they have an ally in the State Government so that they can move forward since they become an inspiration to the women of the state.

“The courage and strength that you have shown to get ahead is an example for your daughters and sons and other women who find themselves in this type of situation because we all deserve safe spaces and to be in peace to form true homes,” concluded the official state.

On behalf of those who accessed the resource, one of the women said that the program represents a very great opportunity to be able to start over after everything they have been through.

“Fear paralyzes, but I am not going to get paralyzed anymore. Now with the peace of mind of having this support, I will only go forward in life”, she asserted.

In this regard, the researcher at the Faculty of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY), Faride Peña Castillo, highlighted that “Women with Safe Housing” is a very important achievement and a push so that women in situations of violence can generate their own capabilities and achieve their empowerment.

The also member of the State Council on Violence pointed out that the Secretariat for Women offers comprehensive care for the care of women in situations of violence, for which she highlighted the work carried out by the unit’s team.

“At the Women’s Secretariat, the staff is very committed, with a very defined agenda and today the results are very clear,” she pointed out.

For his part, the head of the Social Development Secretariat (Sedesol), Roger Torres Peniche, reaffirmed that the conviction of the State Government, from day one, has been to strengthen this type of programs and actions aimed at women being able to leave forward with greater security and dignity.

Torres Peniche indicated that this scheme and the advances in the matter would be impossible without the accompaniment of civil society, since they have a very important role as companions, monitors, and critics of the Government’s actions, also giving a voice to the citizens.

Also present at the event were the General Secretary of the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY), Celia Rosado Avilés; the President of the Mexican Association of Business Women of Yucatán (AMMEYUC), María Eugenia Marín Vázquez; and the Coordinator of the Abriendo Futuros Program of the Civil Association The Population Council Inc., Fabiola Romero Gamboa.

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