Yucatecan families take advantage of the weekend to go to the beach and spend their paychecks

Yesterday, the entire Yucatecan coast had an influx of visitors; merchants reported good sales, but the restaurant sector did not.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán .-Families are enjoying the port during the holiday season and most, took advantage of the weekend, which generated a large number of visitors to the beaches of Progreso and its commissaries.

The coast had a great presence of visitors yesterday, allowing several families to take advantage of their paycheck to stroll around the place, creating a fun atmosphere with their general presence along a good long part of the beaches of the port.

The families began their arrival to the port around 10:00 a.m., armed with towels, tents, coolers and lots of spirit, taking over the coast and the bathing areas, to enjoy the day in the company of their loved ones.

On the other hand, the tourism sector in its various economic sectors showed regular streaks without major changes, noting that in many cases visitors arrive with their groceries from home in order to reduce expenses for their day of fun.

Meanwhile, the maritime traffic, due to the growth in the activity of recreational vessels during the vacation season, presented greater activity in the area of Chicxulub Puerto, where boats, yachts, inflatable boats and jet skis were paraded from before 9 am and throughout the day in the area, generating an atmosphere of fun with this type of vehicles, with the necessary precautions on the part of the users.