Yucatecan animal lovers were present during the passage of tropical storm Grace

Photo: (Yucatan al momento)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 23, 2021).- Through social networks, several actions were announced that demonstrated the love that humans have for animals. And several animal rescues took place during the storm.

The first case that we present to you was that of a woman who, regardless of the rain and strong winds,  rescued two dogs that were abandoned in a vacant lot near the Walmart Pensiones supermarket.

Although it was reported in networks that the dogs were there before the storm, people who are trying to put them to safety came to the place without locating them.

It was around 6:00 p.m. when it was possible to help the animals and it was the Yucatecan host presenter  Zita Vera who came to rescue two dogs, who are presumed to be mother and daughter.

The also model took a yellow cloth to cover the dogs, since they had many ticks, and it was said that they had anemia too.

According to what Zita Vera said, it was impossible to ignore the situation when the only shelter they both had was each other.

The dogs were rescued as they were completely wet, lying in the mud near an area of ​​vegetation covered with thorny grass.

Zita put them both to safety.

Boy rescues his neighbor’s pet

In the midst of the storm, humans in Mérida demonstrate their love for animals
Boy rescued his neighbor’s puppy. Photo: (Yucatan al momento)

On the other hand, a boy showed his love for animals after his neighbor’s puppy got caught on a loose canvas.

A child’s next-door neighbor’s dog became entangled with a loose canvas that was lifted by the winds. The dog was crying when he was entangled, so the kid left his house, went into the neighbor’s patio in the middle of the storm, and rescued the animal.

Source: Yucatan al momento