Yucatan is in no position to resume face-to-face classes

(Photo: Yucatàn al Instante)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 05, 2021) .- The president of the Education, Science and Technology Commission of the State Congress, Luis María Aguilar Castillo, declared that Yucatán is not in a position to resume face-to-face classes, since it is maintained a high number of infections and deaths from Covid-19.

“I still see it as delicate because we see that the infections and deaths have been growing and it has remained in this dynamic in recent days and even so there is talk of a return to classes,” he said.

The local representative for the Nueva Alianza Party stressed that state authorities must make a detailed analysis before making any determination since the healthiest thing is for the online classes to continue.

“I do not see it as viable because there are no guarantees that there will be total safety for the students ”, he asserted.

In the case of teachers, there is also a risk because many of them have chronic-degenerative diseases that make them vulnerable to complications in case of contracting the coronavirus.

“When the teachers and the students leave home, there will be a greater contagion because there will be greater mobility, so I think the issue has to be thoroughly reviewed. Right now I think it would have to be online so as not to put the health of the children, the teachers, and all the staff in general at risk, ” he said.



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