Yucatán Government recognizes those who promote the traditions and customs of the Maya people

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

TEKAX, YUCATAN, (August 10, 2021).- Within the framework of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, the State Government recognized the work of 16 men and women who for many years have preserved and promoted Maya traditions and customs in the state, in the country, and abroad.

On the instructions of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal, the director of the Institute for the Development of Maya Culture (Indemaya) in the state, Eric Villanueva Mukul, delivered the distinctions this day to Basila Tzec Uc, a midwife from Yaxachén, Oxkutzcab municipality; and Juan José Ramón Guzmán, music minister, who performed the score for the National Anthem in Maya language ‘Maaya T’aan’.

Similarly, awards were given to Addi María Ay Ché, from Chichimilá and Engracia Chan Tut, from the Tekit municipality, for strengthening traditional Maya gastronomy; María Elisa Chavarrea Chim, from Chumayel, Maya poet and writer; and Rosa Elena Basto Collí, artisan of the sewing technique, “Xmaikte”, from the municipality of Tekax.

Also, the writer Miguel Ángel Cervantes Aguilar; the chronicler Efrén Torres Rodríguez; the Jaranero teacher Jesús Orlando Várguez Medina; the family of Jaraneros Cámara Mejía; the X-men, Federico Cabañas López; and the tourist guide Gregorio Cabrera Perera, all of them from the municipality of Tekax.

In a special award, the migrants were recognized, Ariel Balam Díaz de Akil and Héctor Daniel Chan May from Oxkutzcab who, since 2015, opened their restaurants “Mi Lindo Yucatán” and “El Rincón Yucateco”, in San Francisco, California, United States, where they offer original Yucatecan cuisine to their customers.

Similarly, Gilberto Cetina Cachón, from Mérida, was recognized, who from 2001 to date has opened, together with his father, two restaurants in Los Angeles, California, United States, both named “Chichén Itzá”.

In an event held in the municipality of Tekax, Villanueva Mukul indicated that the current administration of Governor Mauricio Vila Dosal has given an important boost to the promotion and conservation of the Maya culture and progress has been made in its preservation in various scopes.

Photo: (Yucatan Ahora)

In the presence of the Tekax mayor, Flora Margarita Peraza Campos, the Secretary of Cultures and the Arts, Loreto Villanueva Trujillo, and the rector of the Universidad de Oriente de Valladolid, Shirley Álvarez Escobar, the state official assured that Indemaya has chosen cities and towns that represent the cultural development, not only of their towns but of the entire state of Yucatan.

We have been doing it this way because Yucatán is one of the states where the majority of its inhabitants, about 67 percent, are assumed to be indigenous descendants, in this case, of Maya origin, he noted.

In addition, the director of Indemaya highlighted that Yucatán is one of the states with the highest percentage of a pre-Hispanic mother-tongue speaking population, approximately 25 percent.

Villanueva Mukul asserted that in addition to preserving and disseminating the language, Indemaya has followed the instructions of Governor Vila Dosal to seek that the Maya language is used in digital media, as well as in different types of artistic expressions, and promoting the interest of young people in the preservation of the mother tongue.

For her part, the mayor of Tekax municipality, Flora Margarita Peraza Campos, stressed that Indemaya decided to commemorate the International Day of Indigenous Peoples (August 9), in that municipality, as a recognition of the work carried out by the local authorities in the preservation and promotion of the Maya culture.

Source: Yucatan Ahora