VPN acts an important role on Internet security

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How to choose a VPN provider

This is a topic that I briefly touched on in my post on downloading videos from the BBC , but I would like to extend the discussion a bit. Personal needs may vary, but the aspects I recommend you consider are:

Availability of countries. More is better, basically. Let’s say that a number between 25 and 50 is fine, obviously check that there are the “main” ones that many use: United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands. Better if they also give you a server in Italy, because you may want to surf safely but watch the Rai videos, and possibly download them even when you are abroad. Free VPN will benefit you a lot.

Number of connectable devices. Trust me, you don’t want to buy a service only to realize that it only allows you to connect 1 or 2 devices at a time. Considering that you might have a couple of PCs and a couple of smartphones in the family, 5 is the minimum number to aim for. If they offer you less, look elsewhere.

Logging Policy. Check the vendor’s privacy policy and make sure they ensure a zero logging policy .

Registered office of the company. I would frankly avoid American providers. Of course, there are also some that work well… but they are always subject to US laws, where interception is not only practically always legal but also standard practice. Providers from European (especially Nordic), Australian or Hong Kong countries are generally fine.

Cost. It will be obvious to say it, but if you compare different providers also look at the price. Almost all of them require a monthly (a few euros, usually between 5 and 10 euros) or annual payment. But often on the net there are offers that allow you to pay only once. Choosing the best free VPN for Windows will give you security.

Why not the free ones? Simple, they are useful for sporadic uses, for example watching a video on an American site every now and then, but they offer few servers, poor speed and absolutely no assistance if something is wrong. They then usually log all your traffic.

The VPN for Windows service costs them time and money, if it is free for you it means that somewhere the money must be recovered … Better to avoid wondering how and paying for something valid. Then, as we will see shortly, you can spend very little and have a quality service that still protects privacy.

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