Upcoming return to class benefits the clothing industry in Yucatán

Photo: (Yucatan a la mano)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 10, 2021).- The president of the local delegation of the National Chamber of the Clothing Industry, (Canainves), Jorge Moreno González declared that this summer the group has done well since they have been manufacturing t-shirts and backpacks for the next school year that begins at the end of August.

He stated that the summer holidays have not been so favorable for the members of the group since the sales of clothing, dresses, and guayaberas have been very low, it is something that was already expected because there is still no global recovery from the Coronavirus problem and the tourism that has visited Yucatan is not as high as in past years when the influx was much greater because there was no such disease.

He affirmed that the State Government strongly supports the clothing industry because it gave work to the workers to produce the shirts and backpacks for the students of the next school year that begins at the end of this month of August.

Moreno González also announced that at the end of this month of August or September the manufacture of jackets for elementary schools will begin so that boys and girls have jackets to protect themselves from the low temperatures of autumn-winter; It is also a type of support provided by the State Government to continue generating jobs in this important sector.

Finally, Moreno González asserted that the workers who work in the workshops maintain a healthy distance between them, use antibacterial gel, face masks to protect themselves from the Coronavirus, and in a staggered way they go to the dining rooms for lunch, that has given good results because the health of those who work in the workshops is taken care of, which maintains a constant rate of production and growth.

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