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UNAM expert warns about some people’s habit of “humanizing” cats and dogs

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Mérida, Yucatán, (August 03, 2021).- “You may not like this, but “Humanizing” cats and dogs and other pets do not do them any good, quite the opposite”. This is a statement made by Veterinary Moisés Heiblum, from the National Autonomous University of Mexico. (UNAM).

According to the professor of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and Zootechnics, when treating pets as human beings, we demand behaviors that are inappropriate for their species, and therefore, it limits their well-being by not being able to develop their own forms of behavior and communication.

He also explained that, although it sounds “very nice” to treat dogs and cats as human members of the family, this situation creates excessive bonds of attachment that can cause serious discomfort to the pet when it is alone or separated from the humans who care for it.

This, in the long run, would cause the animals to panic attacks or destructive behavior to which we would respond as if the pets were humans.

“Upon returning and seeing the disorder, the owner thinks that the animal did it in revenge for having left him alone, he scolds him and treats him as if he understands the circumstances, when in reality the dog is expressing anxiety because the figure that gives him security is not available”.

Moisés Heiblum

He also warned against the custom of some people to take their pets to weddings and parties as if they were “just another guest” and even to celebrate birthdays , since animals do not understand what is happening around them and therefore, they do not know how to react, although some insist that they “understand” their surroundings.

“Many owners integrate them into rituals or customs such as celebrating their birthdays or making them participate in weddings and events that they do not need or understand. There is no point in sitting them at the table with a cake or putting a dress on them, because they are uncomfortable and these are incomprehensible situations for them ”.

Moisés Heiblum

Moisés Heiblum concludes that it is necessary for pets to carry out activities typical of their species, which help them develop their “natural” behavior.

On the human side, he highlighted the importance of meeting the true needs of companion animals, such as food, shelter and care in case of illness. 

Source: Sipse

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