Time flies! Fall begins in September and the Winter holiday season is approaching in Yucatan

(Photo: INAH)

We tell you on what date the autumn equinox will take place.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 31, 2021).- The month of September is about to begin, which means that autumn 2021 begins very soon throughout the country, including Yucatán, a season that brings cooler temperatures and shorter days.

In the northern hemisphere, where Mexico is located, the autumnal equinox begins exactly on Tuesday, September 22nd . 

The Fall will end on Monday, December 21st, when we will be welcoming the Winter.

Autumn equinox

During the autumnal equinox, the day is the same length as the night. From then on, the days will be shorter and shorter, as autumn is the time when the length of the day shortens the fastest.

If you are a person who likes to do outdoor activities in the afternoons, you will surely notice how every day it gets dark a little earlier until in December we have the shortest day of the year.

Winter time

Likewise, the so-called summertime will end on October 31, 2021 and the so-called wintertime will begin, it will last a little more than six months.

Summer time will end on October 31, 2021. Photo: (Internet context)

On that date, most of the states of Mexico will set their clocks back one hour and for 33 border municipalities the adjustment will be made a week later, on November 7th.

Source: Sipse