The wood industry could go up to the ‘next level’ in Yucatan

(Photo: Reporteros Hoy)

Merida Yucatan; August 11, 2021 (ACOM) .- “The arrival of new companies and the investments programmed for the port of Progreso are a great opportunity that the Yucatecan wood sector should not miss”, said the president-elect of the National Chamber of the Wood Industry in Yucatán (Canaima), Edgardo Martínez Duarte.

The business leader asserted that the timber sector in the state has a lot of experience, however, it requires training in online sales, linking to new production chains, and raising the capacity of companies to compete in international markets.

Martínez Duarte, who will take the reins of the Canaima this Wednesday, August 11th, in a private ceremony, said that the challenges for entrepreneurs in the timber sector are open to the growing demand and production, not only of the traditional product for domestic use.

Photo: (Reporteros Hoy)

“The companies that are coming to our state demand wood for packaging, wood production in large volumes and the new shipyard to be built in Progreso will have a high demand for products made with wood, which forces us to focus on much more specialized projects and professionals ”, he stated.

He announced that in his management at the head of Canaima he will seek to consolidate the union, for which he has marked four main axes: training, specialization of the timber branches, professionalization of the timber entrepreneurs, and the link with new technologies and production processes towards the industrialization of this economic branch.

“The opportunities will not come looking for the entrepreneur, but he will have to make his way to be able to have access to the business opportunities that are being generated in Yucatan. You have to be very clear about the outlook and create the conditions to invest in machinery, equipment, and human capital to consolidate this effort, ” he said.

Martínez Duarte stressed that in Yucatán there are clear examples of companies that have succeeded, useful and valuable examples that must be taken into account to produce high-quality products that are even in high demand abroad.

We have to focus this effort and with it, direct our needs to the new demands of the market, a strong economic timber sector will allow this modernization to comply to attract more investment, take advantage of the conditions for better jobs for employees, and better-paid jobs.

He said that currently, Canaima is integrated with 34 partners; however, it hopes to be able to exceed 90 affiliates in the next 12 months so that all companies receive the important benefits of boosting the competitiveness of the timber industry at a global level.

Source: Reporteros hoy