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The Perseids: When and where to see the meteorite shower in Mexico

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MEXICO, (August 09, 2021).- The Perseids is one of the most important astrological events of 2021, as people will rarely be able to enjoy a meteor shower. On this occasion, those who live in Mexico will be able to enjoy this show that will be presented in heaven, but what is it and how can it be enjoyed in Aztec lands.

The event where the sky will be illuminated with 150 meteors per hour, which will be seen as flashes, will be held on August 12, so people will have to go out at night to appreciate one of the most beautiful shows of nature.

It is said that this event will have the collaboration of the moon since its brightness will be less than usual, so the flashes will be much more impressive in the sky, according to information from NASA.

How to watch the meteor shower

According to INAOE data, people living in Mexico will be able to enjoy the show in the sky during the early hours of Thursday, so all those who want to enjoy the splendor of the meteor shower will have to find a place far from civilization to be able to See in all its splendor the flashes of light.

What are the Perseids

The National Institute of Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics explained this astronomical event occurs when the Earth passes through the orbit of comet 109P / Swift Tuttle, which will leave dust and debris, which when they cross the atmosphere they become shooting stars.

While NASA assures that these flashes left by the comet are the size of a pea, so they become shooting stars, which end up being something incredible to the human eye as they burn in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Source: El Hersaldo de Mexico

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