The body eaten by sharks could be of a Cuban citizen, his wife asks for help to move his remains

The young man would have left Cuba for Cancun. Photo: (social media)

Meibis Armenteros Pozo affirms that her husband left Cuba in a homemade boat bound for Mexico, but suffered a mishap on the way.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 18, 2021).- They identify the deceased whose body was attacked by sharks on the Yucatan coast. He would be Cuban and his wife asks for help to recover his remains.

Last weekend, images and videos of the body of a person who was eaten by sharks near Isla Pérez, in the Alacranes Reef, circulated on social networks, which could not be completely rescued by the authorities.

Now, also through social networks, a woman named Meibis Armenteros Pozo asked for support to be able to transfer the remains of her husband, whom she identified as Alexis Pérez Fernández, 28 years old.

The woman published the following message: “Please, I need someone to tell me the phone number of the place where they have the remains of what is left of my husband. I want to do whatever is necessary to bring the remains here if someone knows something, help me” ( SIC).

Photo: (social media)

The couple is originally from Cuba and the husband left the island to come to Mexico, however, an accident changed his story.

The woman explained that her husband left the island more than 20 days ago together with a group of people, in a homemade boat with the intention of reaching Cancun, Quintana Roo.

He indicated that days later, the other crew members managed to communicate with their relatives to inform them that they had arrived in Mérida and were already at the migration facilities, however, they did not know anything about Alexis.

Apparently, the islanders suffered a mishap on the high seas when a wave struck the boat one night and split it in half. They claimed that after that they did not see Alexis again.

Photo: (social media)

Now his wife asks for help to find Alexis’s remains, as she assures that she was able to recognize the tattoos that appear in the photos released.

The woman seeks some contact with the authorities in charge of the situation because the family want to bring her husband’s remains to Cuba.

The case went viral on social networks since the moment when the body was “snatched” by large sharks was caught on video. 

Source: Sipse