Shipment with 643,500 Pfizer vaccines against covid-19 arrives at the Mexico City International Airport

In the early hours of this Monday, a new shipment arrived with 643 thousand 500 packaged vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer. Photo: (Excelsior)

Mexico City, (August 30, 2021).-  In the early hours of Monday, August 30, a new shipment of Pfizer vaccine against the coronavirus arrived at the Mexico City International Airport.

It was specified by the Health Secretariat that “our country has received a total of 29 million 244 thousand 345 doses since December 23rd, 2020. We take care of our people.”

48 agents of the Mexican Army participated in the arrival, transfer, and transportation of the vaccines.

Mexico has received 74 million 269 thousand 145 doses of packaged vaccines from Pfizer-BioNTech , AstraZeneca, Sinovac, Gamaleya National Center for Epidemiology and Microbiology Research, CanSino Biologics, Johnson & Johnson, and Moderna.

Likewise, in Mexican territory, the Drugmex laboratory has packaged 7 million 195 thousand 410 of CanSino Biologics, and the Liomont laboratory 16 million 590 thousand 300 biologicals of AstraZeneca, which makes a total of 23 million 785 thousand 710 packaged vaccines in the country. Until today, 117 shipments have been received on 131 flights.

Source: Excelsior