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Senior citizens visit the Mérida Municipal Police facilities

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Mérida, Yucatán, (August 27, 2021) .- This Thursday 26th, the Mérida Municipal Police Directorate received a visit from the residents of the Luna Nueva home for the elderly, as part of the social outreach and crime prevention activities carried out with different sectors of the Yucatecan society.

With this activity, the municipal corporation joins the initiative of the New Moon Residence to expand recreational activities for the elderly.

The Mérida Municipal Police transfer units arrived at the corporation at 10:30 am with 10 older adults and 9 companions, who were received by the director, Mario Arturo Romero Escalante, who explained the details of the activities organized for them.

Among the different activities that were prepared for the visit, there was the participation of the Tourist Police, the intervention of the Public Security agents with a demonstration of their training as well as an explanation of the specific functions they have.

Municipal paramedics participated with a first aid demonstration, information on what to do in emergencies, the equipment they use as well as tips to avoid domestic accidents and what to do in those cases.

In addition, the municipal police officers made a demonstration with the units, what type of vehicles are available and what function each one of them has. Likewise, they were presented with the equipment that makes up the police work tools, when they should be used and the protocol to follow if they need to secure a person.

Photo: (Yucatan al instante)

The visit included a tour of the Command Control Center, learning about the radiocommunication system that serves to coordinate the interventions of the police officers. In the same way, the visitors learned about the central cameras, the usefulness they have when preventing crimes, as an alert system in the event of a criminal act as well as making the actions of municipal elements transparent.

Older adults expressed their enthusiasm to visit the Mérida Municipal Police building.

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