San Antonio Kahua neighborhood of Kanasin, two nights in a row without power after storm Grace

Photo: (Yucatan ahora)

Kanasin, Yucatán, (August 21, 2021) .- Tired of not having electricity for more than 30 hours, residents of San Antonio Kaua, in Kanasín, blocked 77th Street with 56-C, demanding that the CFE restore the power electrical supply asap.

Locals closed the street from 9 pm on Friday 20, waiting for CFE technicians to come to repair the damage that prevents them from having electricity.

A few minutes later tires and garbage were set on fire to make the protest louder.

Municipal police from Kanasín arrived at the scene to prevent incidents, but those who had not arrived were CFE technicians.

Residents said that it is not possible that at this time they have not yet restored the electricity supply.

In the event that the CFE does not attend, it will be the second night that they will go without electricity due to Tropical Storm Grace.

They indicated that all the food they had in their refrigerators has already spoiled, and that they are unable to carry out many activities of their daily life.

Those who suffer the most are children, who cannot sleep well because of the heat and the mosquitos.

Source: Yucatan ahora