Number of users on dating platforms increases during the COVID-19 pandemic

Photo: (Yucatan a la mano)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 02, 2021) .- According to an investigation carried out, Tinder and other dating applications have increased their demand during the time of the pandemic.

In Yucatan, these applications were put to the test, in order to carry out an anonymous survey, in which young people confessed that dating applications have been their refuge during the Coronavirus pandemic, because they cannot have social events to attend.

Such is the case of Bruno, a young man who with 20 years of age began his way through these platforms in Yucatan, and where he has managed to contact several people to perform “Sexting”, in a responsible way and in accordance to the laws that exist now that protect this act.

An option of “dating app” is the one offered by the Facebook social network itself, called Facebook couples “, which works by connecting with new people outside your contact list, and who are preferably close to your area.

There you can see that the number of “New Users” is higher, as the app itself mentions it before connecting with them, under the legend “New user”.

After field work, and chatting anonymously with several users, we were able to determine that a large number of people are in these apps thanks to the pandemic, while other users have even been using them for years.

The vast majority are looking for casual encounters, and only a small part could be looking for a serious relationship within this application.

The truth is that, although the pandemic is still active, there are those who have managed to make their appointments, while there are those who prefer to keep their distance due to the Coronavirus, and only chat.

The app even offers recommendations to users on how to observe the corresponding health protocols, so that this tool does not become a danger to the health of users.