New fishing pier inaugurated in the western part of Progreso beach

Thus was the new berth for fishermen in the western beach of Progreso. Photo: (Sipse)

MÉRIDA, Yuatán, (August 03, 2021).- The mayor of Progreso, Julián Zacarías Curi, inaugurated this Monday, August 2nd, a new pier for fishermen on the west beach of the port, where it is intended that the seamen who were in the area can have better conditions to develop their activities.  

This Monday morning, Zacarías Curi made official the inauguration of the wooden pier, which will serve as a berth for up to 55 fishing boats from that area of ​​the port, with which it seeks to enforce the promises made to the sector at the beginning of the works of remodeling of the international Malecón.

Dock will protect boats

Arturo Zúñiga, the representative of the nautical committee of the western beach sector of Progreso, thanked for the new facilities, which are accompanied by lighting, a fishing clothing protection area, and permanent surveillance.

He indicated that not only will the boats be protected from bad weather, but also that engine and boat thieves will not be able to steal motors and other goods, because there will be constant surveillance in the place.

The fishermen will take care of the facilities. Photo: (Sipse)

It should be noted that until three years ago this site was considered an abandoned area, where multiple thefts were registered on a daily basis, which led to the disappearance of various outboard motors.

The new pier is 80 meters long by 2 meters wide, being executed with municipal investment, for the benefit of the fishing sector in that area of ​​the port.

The mayor pointed out that they will seek to send projects of the same type to the Chicxulub Puerto and Chelem ports, so that the fishermen in those places can have security and dignified facilities.

The pier has permanent surveillance. Photo: (Sipse)

The mayor highlighted the coordinated work that has been had with the fishermen of the western beach of Progreso, who have cooperated and are committed to cleaning the place, so it is expected that the site can be taken care of by its fishing users , so that the installations are durable.

Source: Sipse