Travelers learn about Mayan culture and food with Mayan Kajtaj in the Mexican Caribbean. (photo via Mexican Caribbean Travel)

Part of the joys of traveling is experiencing another culture’s foods. Whether that be sitting down at a quaint hole-in-the-wall restaurant or sipping a local drink on the beach, there are so many incredible experiences to be had.

The Mexican Caribbean, which comprises Cancun and the Riviera Maya, among other regions of Mexico, offers plenty of culinary adventures.

Travelers who are interested in learning about the history of Mexico can enjoy an experiential dining adventure at The Table at La Joya, part of the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancun All-Inclusive Spa Resort, which combines communal eating with learning about Mexico’s history.

For some finer dining, visit the Sensira Resort & Spa Riviera Maya’s Galerie des Sens, which gives diners an eight-course meal designed using molecular gastronomy. It’s truly a unique experience!

México Lindo Cooking, located in Puerto Morelos, hosts culinary activities like cooking classes that teach travelers how to make traditional Mexican Caribbean dishes, as well as food tours throughout the area. On Cozumel, travelers can find the 10 Experiences Tour, which combines learning about Mexico with a ten-course meal.

Lastly, a trip to Maya Ka’an can bring travelers closer to the roots of Mayan culture, some of which are still preserved to this day. Travelers who visit Chumpón can learn about Pitahí, a group of Mayan women entrepreneurs who specialize in making jam from local fruits. Travelers can also explore Mayan dishes and learn how to make them themselves with Mayan Kajtaj.

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