More than 6 thousand people a day; passenger traffic this summer at the Mérida airport

(Photo: SIPSE)

During July and August the average of six thousand people per day was exceeded.

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 30, 2021).- The summer vacation period, which ends this Sunday, was the last “milestone” for the recovery of passenger traffic at the “Manuel Crescencio Rejón” Mérida International Airport after the coronavirus pandemic. 

During the months of July and August, the air terminal managed to exceed the average figure of six thousand people who used the facility per day. 

The preliminary reports of the general administration of the airport indicate that the daily flow of passengers averages 6,300 people, although it could exceed 7,000, since these days are generally used by travelers to return to their destinations of origin, prior to returning to classes. 

Meanwhile, daily operations remain at 110, between commercial, cargo, and private aviation flights, while the average occupancy of aircraft is around 78 percent, both on domestic and international flights, indicators considered positive. 

Passengers returning to their place of origin

Óscar Carrillo Maldonado, the administrator of the air terminal, commented that this last weekend will be another “milestone” to close the holidays with encouraging figures, as a reduction in travelers is not expected compared to the previous month. 

“In the last fifteen days the flow of passengers increased a little more, now we are at a daily average of 6,300 and we hope this weekend a positive closing because generally in September the indicators go down a little, more now that they are not activated congresses and conventions are 100 percent ”, he pointed out. 

Carrillo Maldonado reiterated that national and international flights leave at 78 percent of their capacity, to destinations such as Mexico City and the main cities of the United States, such as Miami, Houston, and Oakland. 

“On Fridays and Mondays, an average of 7,500 passengers a day were registered at the Merida Airport. Now we will see what will happen with September and October, which are traditionally considered low months in terms of travel and tourism, and besides, this an atypical holiday season because not all sectors are 100 percent reactivated, ” he added. 

Carrillo Maldonado recalled that previously the air terminal received many passengers from the congress and conventions sector, but this year the arrival of that type of traveler is not expected. 

Source: Sipse