Mérida Zoos suffer damage from Grace’s passage

Zoologico Centenario Merida (Photo: Sipse)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 24, 2021) .- The Centenario Zoo of Mérida and the Animaya Zoo were spaces that especially suffered from the onslaught of wind gusts brought by “Grace”, which caused some damage to the facilities of those parks.

In the Centenario Zoo, gangs of municipal workers have already made 95% progress to date in the removal of foliage, branches, and trunks that fell and obstructed the roads.

In the cutting of the 6 fallen trees, 80% progress is reported, in the removal of logs, there is 85%, in addition to 80% in the cleaning of the gardens and green areas, while in the cleaning of roads there is a 75%.

During the passage of the meteor, the animals were sheltered in their respective areas and at the moment 100% of the species already returned to the exhibition areas.

The reconnection of the electricity supply is at 100%.

The Centennial Zoo will reopen to the public on August 25, at its usual hours, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., from Wednesday to Sunday.

As for the Animaya Zoo, it also presents advances in the rehabilitation of its infrastructure, pruning, cleaning, and removal of trees for its next reopening on Friday, August 27.

The rehabilitation of the electric fence of the prairies, which was damaged by the strong winds, is 75% complete, and that of the upper pedestrian rail, 50%.

The collection of leaves, sticks, and branches in the main area of ​​the zoo and roads has a development of 50%, the cutting of the 30 fallen trees 70%, among other tasks.

In this place, the animals were also protected during the storm and 100% of them have already returned to their exhibition enclosures.

The reconnection of electrical power supply in hospital and quarantine area is at 75%