Mérida surpasses the barrier of 20 thousand Covid infections so far in 2021

Photo: (Yucatán ahora)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 14, 2021).- This Friday 13th, Mérida exceeds the limit of 20 thousand infected by Covid-19, so far this year, reported the Ministry of Health of Yucatán (SSY) by establishing that it represents 64 percent of all cases.

Also, today Progreso is the fourth municipality with at least a thousand infected, corresponding to 2021, just over three percent of those confirmed in the entity.

17 months after the presence of the pandemic in the entity, there is an accumulation of 57,885 people, of which, 26,492, 45.8 percent, correspond to 2020 and 31 thousand 363 are from the current year, 54.2 percentage.

Of the total cases corresponding to 2021, in Mérida, there are 20,076 infected, 64 percent, followed by Kanasín, with 1,459 infected.

In third place is Valladolid, with 1,339 confirmed, 4.3 percent, Progreso, with 1,200 positive, 3.2 percent, and Umán, with 815 cases, 2.6 percent.

Regarding the incidence of morbidity, August is in ninth place in the monthly table, with 2,796 confirmed cases, with a daily average of 215 infected.

The lowest figure for the eighth month of the year happened on Saturday 7, with 185 infected, and the highest was today, with 299 infected.

While in the incidence of mortality, according to statistics, collected so far this month, there are 186 deaths, with a daily average of 14.3 deaths, with a minimum of 10, registered last Monday 9th.

Likewise, last Friday, August 6th the highest figure of the year was recorded, 17 deaths in one day.