Mérida International Airport is functional and can last many more years of good service

Merida International Airport (File photo)

Mérida, Yucatán, (August 13, 2021).- The state president of the Nueva Alianza Party, José Crescencio Gutiérrez González, stated that from his personal point of view, the Mérida International Airport is functional and has for many more years of good service, so it should not be relocated to another site, besides that it is a historical site in Merida.

He added that in any case, the Federal Government and the State Government will consider whether it is necessary to relocate the airport to another site, especially to the south of Mérida where more investment is needed and the generation of jobs is vital

He reiterated that the decision made by the state and federal authorities will undoubtedly be for the good of Yucatan, in addition, a project has to be presented where the new air terminal could be located since supposedly, the current airport building would be the administrative offices for the operation of the “Maya Train” promoted by the Federal Government.

He considered that in any case, the Merida airport infrastructure is modern, it has international runways, it is a historic building that has been in operation for many years and is a pride of the Meridians, it should not be relocated elsewhere, but the federal and state authorities have the last word.

Finally, Gutiérrez González announced that in 15 more days he will protest as a representative of the Nueva Alianza party in the Yucatan State Congress on September 1, his commitment is to support and promote laws that benefit the Yucatecan people, making political and personal interests aside, and respond to the public trust that, thanks to it, his party will have local representation.