Mass vaccination campaign ready for teachers in Mexico

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MEXICO, (August 19, 2021).- The federal government will carry out a national campaign in the following week, with the intervention of the Mexican Army, the Navy, and the National Guard, to apply the vaccine against Covid-19 to more than 85 thousand new teachers and education workers who were left behind or did not want to be vaccinated in May and do so before the start of face-to-face classes.

In May, the vaccination process for teachers in the country began and that of the Chinese pharmaceutical company Cansino, which is a single dose, was applied. At the conclusion of the six stages of application of the SEP, on June 1, the agency reported that 401,080 teachers had not received the vaccine against Covid-19.

Of the three million 144 thousand 528 teachers and workers that are on the official register, only two million 743 thousand 448 attended, this is 87 percent of the total for their immunization.

During the installation ceremony of the National Council for the Coordination of Higher Education (Conaces) Luciano Concheiro, Undersecretary of Higher Education said that the Ministry of Education together with the state governments, the ISSSTE and the IMSS will define special windows for workers support to education at all levels attend to receive one of the available vaccines in the next few days.

The proposal will be presented to state leaders at the meeting of the National Conference of Governors (Conago) to define the national plan.

Of the three agreements that emerged from the meeting of secretaries of education with the head of the SEP, Delfina Gómez, last Friday said that in addition to deepening the health protocols that will be announced by educational level, on the subject of vaccination there is a number of teachers and workers who will join the system, “It is impressive. We are talking about tens of thousands, of almost 85 thousand new members who have not been vaccinated, some of them and not (it was done) by age groups, because they are generally young people ”.

Source: El Sol de Mexico

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