Man suffers severe injuries after falling from a second floor in Downtown Mérida

The man was bedridden and taken to a hospital. Photo: (Sipse)

The man had to be rappelled down by paramedics from the roof of the building

MÉRIDA, Yucatán, (August 20, 2021).- Severe injuries suffered a man after falling from the roof of the second floor to the first while working on a property located in the downtown area.

The events occurred on the morning of this Thursday, August 19th, when the subject was in a property located on the corner of Calle 64 and 43, cleaning a pipe on the second floor of the place.

After an oversight, the man lost his balance and fell from a height of around three meters (ten feet) from the ceiling of the second floor to the first.

The fall caused the man several injuries and a fracture for which the 911 emergency service was called.

Police, firefighters, and paramedics from the Ministry of Public Security came to the site to rescue the injured man who was not moving.

The man had to be rappelled down by paramedics and once on the ground, he was put on a stretcher and taken to a hospital for prompt medical attention.

Agents of the State Police became aware of the fact and cordoned off the place to expedite the rescue work that was carried out in a matter of minutes.